Welcome back to The Politics for 2024! Things look a little different around here, so I wanted to drop you a note to explain.

As you may have read in an email from The Monthly, The Politics newsletter has been sold to General Publishing, a new independent publisher founded by Piers Grove. Piers was involved in publishing The Betoota Advocate and The Daily Aus – he’s passionate about independent media, and I’m excited to work with him.

The newsletter won’t change much initially, beyond the aesthetics; you’ll still have me in your inbox Monday to Thursday, and Daniel James on Fridays, and it will still be free to read. But it will be the first plank of a new standalone masthead, also called The Politics, bringing you more commentary and analysis, driven by the qualities you’ve come to expect from the daily bulletin. 

There are parts of the Australian media that do great work. But I think most readers of The Politics – and many journalists – would agree that something is fundamentally wrong with the way we do politics in this country, from the rabid pressers to the inane gotcha questions, the failure to call out lies to the fact that “broken promises” are treated as more scandalous than bad policies. 

The Politics will be a small but feisty antidote to all that, always bringing you the news that actually matters, while calling out the crap that doesn’t.

The new-look newsletter will be back in your inboxes at 4pm each weekday from February 6, and I hope you’ll come with us for the journey.

Thanks for reading,

Rachel Withers, Editor-in-Chief